How to join?

Why should you join?

Do you see yourself as an open-minded young European? Are you curious to learn what distinguishes us from any other culture on the planet? Have you been planning on travelling around the continent and meeting new friends? Can you imagine yourself taking part in shaping our future together? All you are lacking is the experience of discovering Europe?

If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘YES!’, you should definitely consider becoming a member of AEGEE!

As an AEGEE member, you can

    • join local events and meetings,
    • attend international events, such as trainings, conferences, exchanges, or Summer Universities,
    • get involved in the work of international Working Groups and projects,
    • become part of a community of young Europeans,
    • and take part in shaping the future of Europe

It is very easy to join AEGEE-Leuven and takes just 3 steps:

1. Fill in the Google form

2. Register on

3. Pay the membership fee

Step 1: AEGEE Membership form (google form below)

So first fill in the google form and follow the instructions given!

Step 2: Register on the general AEGEE Online Membership System (OMS)

Step 3: Membership fee:

A membership fee of AEGEE- Leuven is the following:

  • 10 EUR (without Summer University)
  • 15 EUR (with Summer University)

A membership fee is required that allows you to take part in any activities of AEGEE-Leuven AND take part in all activities of the AEGEE-Europe network except SU.

If you want to attend a Summer University, you need to pay 5 EUR additional fee, thus a total of 15 EUR. If you only paid the 10 EUR fee, you must pay the 5 EUR additional SU fee before applying for SU. The membership fee covers your membership for the period of one year. There are two ways of paying it:

A) By bank transaction

Transfer 10 or 15 EUR by depositing it on bankaccount:

AEGEE-Leuven vzw

IBAN BE86 0014 7935 2050


Always mention your reason of payment, your name and email address

When complete, send an email to the Board for confirmation. Please use the words "Membership payment" in your title.

B) By meeting the treasurer

Transfer the 10 or 15 EUR by giving it directly to the Treasurer during an event or meeting.